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🍋 Why is Vitamin C important for the skin?

All of us are familiar with Vitamin C. We know that it plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system, prevents scurvy, lowers the risk of some forms of heart diseases, and helps people with iron deficiency. Along with that, one of its most important roles is supporting the production of collagen. What is the collagen and how Vitamin C supports it?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our connective tissue, which gives it the form and support. Collagen found in our skin, bones, teeth, internal organs, and cartilage. In the skin collagen plays a crucial role in keeping it firm and resilient, protecting it from early wrinkling.

Interacting with amino acids of collagen Vitamin C is able to add hydrogen and oxygen to them; thus, they may do their part in further collagen production. If the skin doesn`t get the proper amount of vitamin C, collagen production slows, which makes the skin more susceptible not only to wrinkles but also bruising.
On the contrary, receiving enough supplement of Vitamin C to the skin via food and skincare, the skin has a firmer and plumper look.

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