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Luksha Cosmetics®. Fusion of science and nature.

Luksha Cosmetics® is a skincare company and a family business located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. All products are hand-crafted according to the requirements of Canada Health and meet high standards of professional skincare products.

The company philosophy is, embracing the latest contemporary achievements in the beauty science, to create the best possible skincare products for an affordable price. 

Also, our philosophy might be described by the quotation of Anton Chekhov: “People should be beautiful in every way - in their faces, in the way they dress, in their thoughts, and in their innermost selves”. To help people to look and feel their best is the honour for us.

Ingredients choice
Luksha products are handmade with love and genuine intention to offer a person the best possible solution for her/his skin. Each formula is unique in terms of technique and ingredients choice. We love to use natural organic ingredients and, whenever possible, choose the high quality eco-certified materials.
Moreover, having on board the experienced formulator with a medical school background, we love to incorporate the innovative medical-grade compounds to the formulas such as liposomal forms of vitamins, peptides, plant stem cells, etc. to create the visibly working, effective, and truly luxurious products.

We love contemporary approaches not only to formulating but also to visual presentation of our products. As a reflection of that, we use the modern trends of the graphic design for the package of our products. Combinations of colours, which are on the package, perfectly match each other linking to the idea that the ingredients in the formula are also perfectly matched. Moreover, the paper package shows that Luksha Cosmetics is made in British Columbia and inspired by the powerful spirits of its beautiful land. That’s why each product represents not only the high-quality skin care product but also the positive spirit of Native North Americans. All of these images have the unique meanings. For instance, a frog represents healing power, fertility, prosperity, and rebirth. Goldfinch is a symbol of beauty, harmony, connections, family, and health. 

We truly love the idea that our skincare cares not only about the skin, the outer beauty, but also about the souls! 

The founder bio
Anastasia Babenko, the founder of Luksha Cosmetics, graduated from Medical Academy in Russia in 1996 as an epidemiologist and worked in the different medical sites including a pharmaceutical laboratory for their quality control projects. 

Later she joined the cosmetics manufacturing companies and worked there in different positions including their laboratory projects where she learned the specifics of skincare manufacturing.

In her own project, Luksha Cosmetics, she follows the high european standards of manufacturing and works only with the best european suppliers of cosmetics raw materials.

Having a true passion in beauty and science and broad practical experience in skincare, she created one of a kind beauty line - Luksha Cosmetics.

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Phone: +1 (778) 997 5451

Postal address: Suite 543, 105 - 7655 Edmonds St., Burnaby, BC, V3N0C3