Luksha Cosmetics®. Fusion of science and nature.

Luksha Cosmetics® is a family-owned skincare company founded in 2016 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. All our products are meticulously hand-crafted in compliance with the regulations of Canada Health and the FDA, ensuring they meet the stringent standards of professional skincare products.


Our philosophy revolves around prioritizing the well-being of our customers' skin above all else. We are dedicated to ensuring the vitality of their skin, maintaining it in its healthiest state, as we believe that sound wellness serves as the foundation from which their beauty blossoms.

To achieve this, we offer:

🌱 Freshness Guaranteed through small batch manufacturing to deliver the freshest and, thus, more effective skincare 
🌱 Hypoallergenic Formulas, which are ideal for at-home post-treatment care following salon treatment
🌱 Microbiome-friendly formulations supporting a balanced and healthy skin microbiome for enhanced skin health
 🌱 Minimal preservatives to preserve skin health and minimize potential irritations, ensuring gentle and effective skincare
🌱 Smart Formulas meticulously crafted with ingredients serving multiple beneficial functions for comprehensive care and optimal results
🌱 Eco-Certified Ingredients prioritizing safety and sustainability, and
🌱 Cutting-Edge Research to remain at the forefront of cosmetic innovation through continuous research.

Ingredients choice
Luksha Cosmetics ® products are handmade with love and genuine intention to offer a person the best possible solution for her/his skin. Each formula is unique in terms of technique and ingredients choice. We love to use natural organic ingredients and, whenever possible, choose the high quality eco-certified materials.
Moreover, having on board the experienced formulator with a medical background, we love to incorporate the innovative medical-grade compounds to the formulas such as liposomal forms of vitamins, peptides, plant stem cells, etc. to create the visibly working, effective, and truly luxurious products.


Our appreciation for modernity extends beyond our formulations to the visual presentation of our products. Embracing contemporary graphic design trends, we craft packaging that harmonizes with the very essence of our products. The thoughtfully selected color combinations on each package mirror the perfect synergy of ingredients within our formulations.

Moreover, the eco-friendly paper packaging proudly carries the essence of our roots, signifying that Luksha Cosmetics® was originated in beautiful British Columbia, drawing inspiration from the spirits that inhabit this majestic land. Our products embody more than just top-quality skincare; they encapsulate the positive energy of Native North American traditions. Each symbol on our packaging, created by the Canadian aboriginal artist, holds unique significance. For instance, the frog symbolizes healing power, fertility, prosperity, and rebirth, while the goldfinch represents beauty, harmony, connections, family, and health.

We take great pride in the idea that our skincare nurtures not only the skin's outer beauty but also touches the soul!

The founder bio

Anastasia Babenko, the visionary behind Luksha Cosmetics®, commenced her journey in the medical field by graduating as an epidemiologist from a Russian Medical Academy in 1996. Her early career encompassed diverse roles across various medical facilities, including a pharmaceutical laboratory, where she contributed to their quality control projects.

Her professional path soon led her into the realm of cosmetics manufacturing companies, where she assumed a range of positions, including instrumental roles in laboratory projects, granting her invaluable insights into the intricacies of skincare production. Anastasia, an adept cosmetic chemist, proudly holds membership in the prestigious Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Within this esteemed community, she diligently advances her skill set and knowledge to remain at the forefront of cosmetic innovation.

With a genuine passion for both beauty and science, coupled with extensive practical experience in skincare, she brought to life a truly unique beauty line - Luksha Cosmetics®.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Luksha Cosmetics® has been manufactured in the USA since 2023 due to family relocation.