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What "Clean Beauty" Means?

In fact, the marketing claim “clean beauty” is deceptive. There’s no “Clean” and “Dirty” to begin with. 

Let’s ask a question for ourselves: what we expect from skincare? Most likely we want it to be safe and effective. Safe, firstly. And here immediately we face the discovery - ANY ingredient, regardless of the origin, might be safe or unsafe depending on the variety of different factors such as its % in a product, pH of the formula, compatibility with other ingredients, way of use, and so on.
For instance, Vitamin B3 (excellent healing and lightening ingredient) might be toxic to the skin if pH of the product is below 5.
Or, orange seed oil, generally nice and safe ingredient, might cause skin allergic reaction in case of sensitive condition or rosacea.
Also, “All natural” is not a promise of safety and/or quality.
And, let us remember that there’s nothing “chemical free”- all matter around and within us are chemicals:)

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