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What are the Plant Stem Cells And What They Do in Your Facial Cream?

In fact, the term Stem Cells, applied to skincare, is a bit confusing because initially it was used only for the animal organisms. Stem Cells is a generic term which refers to a special type of cell (undifferentiated cells) in all multi-cellular organisms.
They are special because they can develop into different cells. For instance, embryonic stem cells can be developed into any types of cells like muscle cells, epithelial cells, nerve cells, etc. Another type, adult stem cells (or tissue-specific cells), are specific to the particular organ and can be developed only into this organ cells. These type of stem cells, which are particular to our skin, are found in the basal layer of the epidermis.

So, its more or less clear what do we mean by animal/human stem cells. But what are the plant ones? Are they the same like the animal/humans cells?
No, they are different, but they have some strong similarities which come in how they act. For example, similar to human stem cells, plant stem cells have the unique ability to restore its tissue and self repair, which is very important in the case of injury. Plant stem cells are present in the meristem of live plants and represent a super active plant culture, which is very beneficial to our skin too. According to the clinical studies Plant Stem Cell extracts, applied topically, are very beneficial for our epidermis; they support skin cells renewal, fend off free radicals, and reverse the aging process of cultured fibroblasts, which noticeably decrease the appearance of crow’s feet after extract administration.
Thus, Plant Stem Cells in our facial moisturizer are not the actual live stem cells, but rather a super powerful antioxidant extracts with the cellular plant components, which help your own skin cells to self-repair, and self-renew.

There are different types of Plant Stem Cells used in skincare. For our Cellular Cream we use Malus Domestica fruit cell culture extract, which is a patented liposomal preparation of apple stem cells created by a Swiss company called PhytoCellTec. The stem cells are derived from the ‘Uttwiler Spätlauber’, a rare Swiss apple variety that have especially long-living tissue stem cells.

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