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"Made In Vancouver", 2021 Winner!

Wow! Our product,  co-Balance Probiotic Radiance Cream, is the Winner of "Made in Vancouver", 2021 in Beauty Category! We sincerely congratulate the winners of this annual competition and thank you very much to the judges for such a high recognition of our work!
Vancouver Magazine:
"Eco-Balance Probiotic Radiance Cream by Luksha
We’ve had our eye on Luksha Cosmetics since the Made in Vancouver Awards launched three years ago—they’ve been finalists before, and this year they rightfully clinched the top prize with this probiotic cream.
Founder Anastasia Babenko studied in Russia as an epidemiologist, and has been perfecting her organic skincare line from her home base in Burnaby since 2016. And this cream just feels beautiful. The small-batch line has a pale yellow colour thanks to carrot tissue oil and coenzyme Q10, and it’s rich with organic ingredients like pomegranate seed oil (its high concentration of ellagic, punicic and omega 5 fatty acids helps to regenerate and repair skin). Probiotics top off the mix to improve and balance the skin’s barrier and biome."

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