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🎓 Learning Corner. Skin and nervous system

Many of us are aware of the certain connection between the epithelial (skin) and nervous systems. For example, when someone is stressed or even burned out for a period of time, he or she might notice that her skin is becoming dull with uneven skin tone and lacking elasticity; also, some red pimples might appear. Moreover, being under emotional stress, many people develop some forms of persistent skin issues such as rosacea. 
Does this sound familiar?

So let`s explore briefly how does this connection work. 
In the very early embryonal stage, all our organs develop from the particular layer of embryo cells. There are three embryo layers: endoderm (the proximal layer), mesoderm (middle layer), and the ectoderm (the distal) layer. The skin and nervous tissues are developing from the same embryonal layer, - ectoderm. These tissues stay connected during the whole life of a person reflecting the condition of each other.

 What would be our conclusion? To keep the skin healthy and glowing it's very important to pay close attention to our emotional well-being. Sleeping enough, meditating, spending time with interesting people, developing the personal coping strategies, being aware of the individual limits, - all of these strongly contribute to the radiant, glowing, and young looking skin.

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