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How we should care for our skin when wildfire smoke in the air?

During more than a week Vancouver sky is blanketed by wildfire smoke.

As Environment Canada officials said: “Wildfire smoke is a natural part of our environment but it is important to be mindful that exposure to smoke may affect your health”.

But does the smoke affect our skin in particular? It does! Our skin pore is about 50–70 µm and wildfire smoke particles are 2.5 µm, which means that they can easily get into our pores and do some damage.

🍃So, how can we improve our skincare regime according to this air condition?

Here are some simple but useful advices from Luksha Cosmetics skincare expert and formulator, Anastasia Babenko:

- Keep your skin clean.
Clean your skin with a cleansing oil and, after that, process it with a toner. Do it at least twice a day. Example:…/p…/facial-cleansing-set-20-off

- Fight against free radicals damage and moisturize. Add intensive antioxidant skincare products to your daily routine (Example: Intensive Hydrating Serum with Organic Edelweiss Extract:…/ih-serum-with-hyaluronic-acid…);

- Improve your skin’s natural barrier. Include to your regime some products, which help your skin to compensate the harmful effects of environmental stress and improve the assimilation of oxygen (Example: Eco-balance duo:…/new-…/products/eco-balance-duo)

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