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Five common mistakes when choosing a skincare product.

1. Not knowing your skin type. In fact, its not a rare case! For instance, many people believe that their skin is dry (as it peels off and feels tight) while their skin is combination and dehydrated. Thus, they may mistakenly buy a product for dry skin, which is usually quite heavy and rich of oils. This choice may add more issues to the skin, such as excessive oiliness, instead of helping it via proper hydration.

2. Choosing the product just by its name. For example, the safety and effectiveness of “moisturizers for mature skin” may differ significantly from a formula to formula. Request more information from the skincare provider or manufacturer, if needed.

3. Buying the product without possibility to try it in advance. It’s great if the manufacturer of the skincare brand, which you are interested in, may provide you with some free samples. That will definitely help you to make a good choice. Also, if buying online, request the online skincare consultation before your purchase.

4. Following the preferences of others. If a certain product works great for a celebrity or your best friend, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

5. Underestimation or overestimation of your current skin needs. Some people are doing fine with just one moisturizer for day and night; however, many of us need more comprehensive skincare regime.

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