Revitalizing cream with Antarctic Sea Glycoprotein (Antarcticin)


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50 ml

Indulge your skin with our luxurious, silky-textured cream. Enriched with precious ingredients like Antarctic Sea Glycoprotein and Vitamins E, this formula offers the ultimate in skin nourishment, hydration, rejuvenation, and cryoprotection. It enhances collagen production and offers exceptional protection against environmental stressors, particularly in cold weather.
Suitable for both day and night use.

Formulated with natural eco-certified ingredients.

Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Combination
✔ Sensitive 

Solution for: 
- Uneven skin tone with visible blood vessels
- Sun damaged skin
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Protection against harsh weather

Key Ingredients:

Antarctic Sea Glycoprotein (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract) is a remarkable compound extracted from mud discovered in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica. It excels in safeguarding the skin by preserving moisture, stimulating keratinocyte growth, enhancing tissue regeneration, and boosting collagen production, leading to improved skin texture and reduced wrinkles. Furthermore, it acts as a potent agent for skin restructuring, replenishment, invigoration, and reducing visible blood vessels (anti-couperose).

Raspberry seed oil stands out as a powerful antioxidant due to its wealth of Vitamin E, Omega-6, Omega-3, polyphenols, and anthocyanins. Additionally, it showcases remarkable anti-inflammatory attributes.

Olive Squalane is a superb natural emollient that closely resembles the skin's sebum, making it effective at moisturizing and softening the skin. It enhances skin elasticity, provides protection against moisture loss, and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types.

Vitamin E  is a potent antioxidant that helps protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals. Additionally, it supports skin health by promoting cell regeneration and maintaining natural moisture levels, resulting in a smoother and more youthful complexion.

Use: Apply this cream to your clean face and neck in the morning and/or evening. For optimal moisturization, precede with the application of our Intensive Hydrating Serum.

List of Ingredients

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