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What are the harmful cosmetic ingredients?

Recently we were asked about it quite often, so we decided to share some thoughts with you about this matter.

Let’s us to begin with the fact that the cosmetic products on our market are strictly regulated and manufactured using approved materials which are safe to humans. However, the questions about safety are still continued to be asked.
There are some possible reasons for that.

First one is a confusion caused by the huge volume of not scientific information available in the Internet. For a lot of people its not easy to figure out which sources are reliable and which are not. We would not recommend you to make your opinion about a particular product or material based on the online blogs or articles. Even if the text was written by a doctor or scientist, there are still a lot of uncertainties such as what kind this scientist is, what kind of resources she/he used, is there peer review available, and so on.
There are a variety of solid scientific resources you can rely on, many of them require the subscription, but some do not. For instance, Cosmetic Ingredient Review is a good one:

Second. Almost any ingredient might be safe or unsafe depending on the variety of different factors such as its % in a product, pH of the formula, compatibility with other ingredients and so on.
For instance, Vitamin B3 (excellent healing and lightening ingredient) might be toxic to the skin if pH of the product is below 5.
Or, orange seed oil, generally nice and safe ingredient, might cause skin allergic reaction in case of sensitive condition or rosacea.

Third. The ingredient might be safe for a human skin, but harmful for the environment. For example, nowadays the majority of skincare companies don’t use the plastic spheres in their exfoliating products as it is harmful for the marine life.

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