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The new selection of Hand Creams with the amazing complementary ingredients

Our hands do need attention and care, especially during wintertime.

With new Luksha Hand Creams caring for your hands has never been so exciting!
Choose your favorite Hand Cream, from the new Luksha selection with one of the following amazing complementary ingredients:

🍓  Goji Berri Oil - is an exceptional antioxidant and skin restoring agent with juicy and delightful aroma!
🌸  Jasmine Oil - has the potent soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties; improves the skin tone. It also famous for its elegant romantic aroma.
🍋  Sweet Orange Oil - anti-inflammatory, calming and antiseptic agent. In addition, it firms the skin and increases its microcirculation. Carries a delicate refreshing scent.
🌺  Geranium Oil - effectively soothes the irritated skin, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. How about the scent? It`s gorgeous!

🍁 Made in Beautiful British Columbia
🍃 Only fine premium ingredients
💧 Always fresh

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