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Rose oil in cosmetics

🌹 “Rose can be used to bring our consciousness closer to our angels and to the angelic self that dwells within us. To inhale rose is to inhale the love and kisses of angels.” (Valerie Ann Wordwood, "Aromatherapy for the Soul").

In its nourishing cream, Luksha Cosmetics uses a variety of precious ingredients, including the Organic Rose Damascena Essential Oil.
Did you know that:
- Approximately four kilograms of rose petals needed to produce 1 single gram of the rose essential oil (or 10,000 roses to fill a 5ml bottle)!
- Rose Damascena Essential Oil is famous for its healing, soothing, and skin-glowing properties.
- Rose Damascena Essential Oil is also well-known as an aphrodisiac (enhances the sexual energy) and a mild sedative agent.

Make your daily skincare ritual adorable with Luksha Nourishing Cream! This cream is ideal for the dry and sensitive skin; in addition, it works fantastic as a night cream for all skin types during winter time.

P.S. Note, that Luksha Cosmetics can make a customization for you! For instance, you can order to add Organic Rose Damascena Essential Oil to any of your favorite Luksha product!

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