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πŸŽ“ Learning Corner. Natural moisturizing factor.

Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) is a combination of substances that regulate the moisture level of the skin by binding and holding water molecules. It`s naturally produced by the cells of stratum corneum.
In our formulas, we use a variety of these substances to ensure proper hydration of the skin layers.

Why is it important?
-Maintains skin smoothness and elasticity
-Supports the barrier function of the skin
- Activates hydrolytic enzymes which are necessary for natural dead skin shedding (desquamation).

πŸ’§Β The composition of NMF:

Amino acids - 40-42%
Sodium PCA - 12%
Lactates - 12%
Urea - 7%
NH3, Uric acid, glucosamine, creatinine - 1.5%
Citrates - 0.5%
Na 5%, k 4%, Ca 1.5 %, Mg 1.5% , Po4 0.5% - 16-18.5%
Sucrose, Organic acid, Peptides, Other materials - 8.5%

🌿 Luksha products with NMF substances:
- Uplifting Eye Cream
- Moisturizing Cream-Mask
- Cellular Cream
- Toner for Dry SkinΒ 


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