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How to clean the skin properly?

Clear, smooth, glowing skin, which is free of pimples, blackheads, and other imperfections sometimes seems to be an elusive goal. However, it`s definitely real.

Correct cleaning procedure might contribute to the healthy skin a lot! Many people with oily skin believe that their skin needs a strong "grease cutting" product (gel or soap, for instance), but in reality, these products only worsen the skin condition. Such products strip the oil out of our skin, leaving it completely dry trying to repair itself by replacing its oil, which was removed. This launches a cycle of being tight and dry followed by the inevitable excessive oil production as a compensation for the lack of moisture. Thus, each time we strip the oil away, our skin reacts by creating much more oil.
If so, how to clean the skin correctly?

First of all, let's keep in mind that oil dissolves oil. Our epidermis naturally lubricates itself with oil (sebum) as it essential for the skin healthy functioning. Note, that skin oil is naturally occurring; it moisturizes, lubricates, heals, and protects our skin. So, let`s work with our skin, not against it!

At present, many beauty professionals strongly believe that the correct way to clean the skin is to do it with cleansing oil. The cleansing oil effectively dissolves the skin sebum that stuck in the pores and allows all of the impurities to be easily removed. At the same time, it provides the necessary lubrication to the epidermis, which protects it from over-compensation of oil production.

The skin, which is cleaned properly functions well.
It is clear, beautiful, and glowing!  


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