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How To Care For Our Skin During Winter Time.

Well, finally the winter came to Vancouver with its snow falls and cold winds. How to care for our skin during this time? What happens with our skin when the temperature gets cooler?

Firstly, the air humidity goes down, which often means more dry and less glowing skin. Even if you have oily or combination skin, the cold weather may affect it significantly causing dryness, irritation, and acne.

Secondly, cold temperature put stress on the skin’s blood vessels making them narrower and more fragile. This is why it’s important to consider some skincare changes for the cooler days.

Tip #1: Use an oil-based cleanser. The hydrophilic cleansing oil effectively dissolves the skin sebum that is stuck in the pores and allows all of the impurities to be easily removed with water. And it's a fantastic choice for the winter time because along with the cleansing properties, it provides the necessary lubrication to the epidermis, which protects it from dryness and irritation.

🍃 Example - Cleansing Oil with Clove Stem Oil and Vitamin E: Tip

#2: Remember to exfoliate and use the hydrating masks. Exfoliants and facial masks are essential in a winter skincare routine. They provide immediate results while giving a moment of pleasure and relaxation. With colder weather the roughness of the skin can be more obvious, so exfoliation is important . At the same time, focus on hydration is also essential in order to prevent dryness. Avoid the mechanical exfoliation as it may cause dryness and inflammation. The best choice for the home regime would be a mild exfoliant based on natural enzymes or fruit-acids.

🍃 Example - Gentle Facial Peeling Gel With Natural Enzymes and Ginger Root Extract:

🍃 Moisturizing Cream-Mask (leave on product, no need to remove it with water):

Tip #3: Very important. Moisturize your skin with a WINTER-FRIENDLY PRODUCT. Choosing moisturizers with the specific active ingredients, which provide the extra-protection of epidermis against the harsh weather (such as ceramides and antarcticine), is key to the healthy skin during winter.

Examples: 🍃 Revitalizing cream with Antarcticine®:

🍃 Aloe Vera Ultra-Restorative Cream with Shea Butter and Ceramide Complex:

Tip #4: Keep drinking lots of water. While it is not a skincare routine step, it’s still an incredibly important tip to keep in mind. Drinking about eight glasses of water a day is very important for body and skin hydration.

Tip #5: Keep air in your house humid enough. While our household heaters keep us warm during the cold days, they also suck the moisture from the air, drying it and our skin out. There's also less moisture in the atmosphere during the colder months generally. Using a humidifier in our houses, especially in a sleeping room, might really help. In fact, clean and well humidified air promotes cell turnover and helps us to maintain smooth and supple skin.

Happy winter everyone and have a healthy skin! ❄️

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