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Facts about the facial oils. Their benefits and disadvantages.

1. Oil cannot moisturize your skin.
Moisturizing with an oil is like sitting under a roof while it’s raining and expecting to get wet: it will not happen. 
The product which is actually moisturizes the skin is a lotion. Why? It has at least three major umbrella ingredients: humectants, occlusives, and emollients. 
- Humectants are ingredients that draw water into skin to hydrate the cells. The most popular and effective humectants are glycerin and hyaluronic acid. 
- Emollients are ingredients which soften the skin (oils). 
- Occlusive ingredients (some oils and waxes), on the other hand, trap humectants and emollients onto your skin, so the epidermis can stay hydrated and soft throughout the day. 
The important fact: oils can function as an occlusive and as an emollient, but never as a humectant.

2. Oils are to finish the skincare ritual.
Oil is the final step of the skin-care routine. If you apply oil first, any moisturizer that follows won’t be able to fully penetrate the oil barrier; it’s like applying lotion over a wet suit.

3. Oils are rich with powerful antioxidants and not only.
Oils are naturally rich with vitamins that repair and protect (especially concentrated in vitamins A and E, which work to smooth fine lines and soften skin).

4. There are some oils that restore the skin with particular conditions.
Plenty of scientific studies prove that tea tree oil, for instance, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn, kill acne bacteria and reduce the size of pimples. 
Tamanu oil possesses the potent healing properties for the conditions such as eczema or/and rosacea.

5. Oils work great to remove make up and clean your skin.

The cleansing oil effectively dissolves the make up and skin sebum that stuck in the pores and allows all of the impurities to be easily removed. At the same time, it provides the necessary lubrication to the epidermis, which protects it from over-compensation of oil production.

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