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Do we still need to follow our skincare regime during the summer?

According to the dermatologists, yes, we still need to keep our skincare routine during summertime to stay glowing and clear all season long. The main goals now, however, might be different from the other seasons. During the summer we need to prevent breakouts and sun damage; thus, our beauty regime should be well adapted to that.

🚩Here are nine essential tips from Luksha Cosmetics:
1. Use your toner more often than usual to keep your skin clean (apply it to the cotton pad and clean your face from sweat and dirt).

Example: Toner with Organic Rose Water, Organic Cranberry Extract, and Organic Aloe Leaf Juice:…/toner-with-organic-rose-w…

2. Always use your cleanser at the end of your day. The cleansing oil is preferable as it perfectly removes skin’s oil and dirt from your pores without any irritation and compromising your skin pH. Do it even if you don’t wear makeup.
Example: Cleansing Oil with Clove Stem Oil and Vitamin E:…/cleansing-oil-with-licori…

3. Good news! At morning you may skip your regular moisturizer. But applying a drop of of oil-free moisturizing serum before your sunscreen will be a good idea.
- Intensive Hydrating Serum:…/ih-serum-with-hyaluronic-…
- Or Eco-Balance Prebiotic Serum:…/eco-balance-prebiotic-ser…

4. Always use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, especially if you outside from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5. Improve your overall sun protection by using wide-brim hat.
Remember, the main factor of premature aging is photodamage.

6. To restore your skin at night use an intense but light weight moisturizer with anti-inflammatory activity. Examples:
- Cellular Cream:…/cellular-cream-with-plant…
- Or Probiotic Radiance Cream:…/eco-balance-probiotic-rad…

7. Ones a week, preferably in the evening, apply the intensive moisturizing mask to restore your skin and speed up healing.
Example: Moisturizing Cream-Mask:…/moisturizing-cream-with-h…
You will not need any following product after that. Just relax and enjoy your evening!

8. Ones a week use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, clean your pores, and improve the skin texture.
Example: Fruit acids & ginger peeling essence:…/fruit-enzime-peeling-esse…

Please, void the scrubs! At summer time you need only gentle, not mechanical exfoliants.

9. If you like using facial oils instead of the moisturizers, you may consider to postpone it until the cooler days.
Or, if your skin is super dry, apply a tiny amout of your favourite oil only on the clean skin and only at the evening time.

Stay healthy and have a truly wonderful summer! ☀️

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