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Cruelty FREE

Often we are asked about if Luksha Cosmetics test their products on animals. Thus, we decided to share some useful information with you, which you probably don`t know.
In fact, nowadays, the claim "cruelty free" is more marketing tool rather than actual claim. Why?
Because, the cosmetic companies don`t test their products on animal for a very very long time (including the raw material, which are also not tested on animals nowadays). Consequently, no need to say that Luksha does not test their products on animals, because it surely doesn`t.

Moreover, we believe, that even the implication that some products are "cruelty-free" is misleading, as the animal testing was banned for decades in almost all countries!

Countries such as Canada, EU, India, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, the UK, Norway, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea have already banned cosmetic products with animal testing.
Other countries such as some Asian countries, Argentina, Columbia, Russia, and US have bills to ban underway or don`t require animal testing.

A little background of this matter. To understand how this stigma appeared lets look at the history.
Back in the 50-60s a lot of new chemicals were introduced to the market and it was very important to regulate them and make sure that they are safe for use in cosmetics. The best way to test these chemicals at that time was animal testing (and you will be surprised to know that many of our familia products were ones tested on animals, such as essential oils or some botanical extracts, for instance).

🚩🔬 However, during the decades the cosmetic industry don`t use animal testing any more, they developed alternative, more reliable methods to test their products such as in vitro testing.
In vitro testing demonstrate huge advantages vs animal testing.
- Its is more reliable
- More reproductive and
- Much more cost effective!

Thus, even suggesting that some cosmetic products available in EU, Canadian or other countries mentioned above might be tested on animals is wrong and misleading.

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