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Advanced skincare for the sagging mature skin.

Why is the skin sagging? It happens when the skin loses its polysaccharides (hyaluronic acid) and essential proteins such as collagen and elastin. 

At a young age, the skin has the plentiful stores of collagen and elastin. With time, they begin to break down and the skin starts to look sunken, sallow, and discolored.

To restore the natural deposits of the skin`s proteins and make the complexion appear fuller and more resilient, 
we use the most effective, clinically proven ingredients such as:
🌿 Matrixyl 3000 - an anti-aging peptide comprised of two proteins. It targets the sagging, wrinkled skin with discolorations and dryness. Matrixyl 3000 is mimicking the body’s natural peptides to signal that the skin needs more collagen and elastin. In this way, it actively stimulates fibroblasts to produce these two components. In addition, Matrixyl 3000 stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid as well, which helps the skin look fuller and younger. 
As a result, the skin appears and feels much firmer and smoother to the touch. It also looks healthier and more vibrant because of the excellent moisturizing properties. Another benefit is that Matrixyl 3000 is completely safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

☀️ Coenzyme Q10 - significantly increases the production of energy within cells. It penetrates deep into the skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles due to photoaging. Potent antioxidant.

🍋 Vitamin C - stimulates collagen production, clarifies and brightens the skin. Promotes a fine, and more even skin tone.

🌼 Vitamin E - fantastic antioxidant. It has an ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and stimulate natural growth of collagen. As the result, it the skin has a firmer, plumper look.

🌱 Abyssinian Oil - great anti-aging product due to the excellent moisturizing and antioxidant properties. This oil adds luster to the tired and dull skin, giving it fresh and more youthful appearance.


Photo credit: Napolskih Photography

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